Is 'subject' like 'topic'?

The interleaving representation of concurrency is subject to the idea that there is a scheduler which interlocks the steps of concurrently executing processes according to an a priori unknown strategy

Tara2Is 'subject' like 'topic'?


The phrasal verb "subject to" has nothing to do with "topic."


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Tara2Is 'subject' like 'topic'?

No. This guy sounds like he swallowed a dictionary, but he should have read it instead. One thing is subject (adjective) to another if the first depends upon the action of the second. I might have written "The interleaving representation of concurrency presupposes a scheduler …."

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Is that this meaning, please?

: affected by or possibly affected by (something)

It is more like "is dependent on"

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Sorry AS, is 'subject to' phrasal verb? Why anonymous says it's adjective, please?

Tara2Sorry AS, is 'subject to' phrasal verb?

Here it is classified as a verb


And here, it is a preposition


And here, entry 7 classifies it as an adjective.


That's the problem with idioms - they are exceptions to the normal.

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So just call it an idiomatic expression. This idiom dictionary probably has the best definitions.


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