which sentence is correct?The sound of the bells
were heard all over the house OR the sound of the bells was heard all
over the house.
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The predicate is generally in agreement with the subject.

In 'The sound of the bells...' the subject is 'The sound...'. (3rd person singular)

'...of the bells...' is prepositional and cannot be the subject (partitive case).

Ergo, 'The sound of the bells was heard...'


But I think here (sounds) not ( sound) .

It deoesn't matter ? or what ?

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But I think here (sounds) not ( sound) .

It deoesn't matter ? or what ?

Thanks ,
If 'The sounds of the bell...', then 'The sounds...' is the subject and 'The sounds of the bell were heard...' is correct.
Schetin is clearly correct to eliminate "bells" as the subject, although both the sound and the bells were heard. (partitive case; object of prep. - although a prepositional phrase in its entirety can serve as the subject: "Under the house is a safe place to be.") A more difficult one is found in the verse of a Christmas song, "Winter Wonderland": "A heaven of diamonds shine down through the night." Schetin's rules would make us say "heaven shines", since diamonds can't be the subject. But the author's intent seems to be it's the diamonds that shine. Poetic license?
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You are mistaking the form and the meaning. The grammatical analysis concerns the form, the meaning being secondary.
Sound of bells was heard or sound of bells were heard which sentence is correct?
Anonymous which sentence is correct?
The sound of bells was heard.

Sound is singular.
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