Hello. I'm new. I've only found this site moments ago and I'm sure that I will be back here quite frequently. But for now, I just have one quick question.

I understand that a subordinate clause must be attached to the main clause of a sentence and that that sentence should sound like a complete thought. I know what the formal subordinate clauses are, however, can the pronoun 'we' signal a subordinate clause if the rest of the sentence doesn't sound complete?
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Can you please give an example of what you mean? There is nothing unique about "we" that I know of, but perhaps seeing an example would make it more clear.
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Wow! I wasn't expecting someone to get back to me so fast. The sentence I am wondering about does not sound like a complete thought.

Thanks anyways, but I think I answered my own question. The sentence is not a complete thought; however, in context with the rest of the paragraph it sounds proper.
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