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Obama's relationship with the world is primarily analytical rather than intuitive or emotional. As he acknowledged in his interview the day after Scott Brown's victory with George, his tendency to focus on substance can make him seem remote and technocratic. So while many people deeply admire him, few come away from any encounter feeling closer to him.

1. What does "substance" mean?

2. In dictionary: come away - leave in a certain condition. She came away angry. Does that mean she left angrily?

3. Does that mean, "people are left with a sense of distant feeling about him after meeting him"?

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1-- That which is solid and practical in character, quality, or importance: a plan without substance.
2-- Yes
3-- Not necessarily; they just don't feel any closer than before.
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A side question: "That which is solid and practical in character....."

I've seen this usage and I don't know why "That" and "which" are placed along each other. What are they modify?


It is an awkward, very formal structure that should not be overused. 'That' is the demonstrative pronoun; 'which' is the restrictive relative pronoun heading the defining clause (we can't really use 'that' here because we'd have 2 of them: 'That that is solld'). 'That' in your sentence is synomymous with 'something', 'anything' or refers to something/anything.
Hi Mister Micawber,

Thank you so much.

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