Do I understand it correctly?

1) Can I substitute beautiful for pretty in my essay?

[The speaker wants to use the word beautiful in his essay.]

2) Can I replace beautiful with pretty in my essay?

[The speaker does not want to use the word beautiful in his essay.]


This post confuses me a bit, Mr. Tom. But I think that the options are all viable.
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They are synonyms, but be clear how and where you use them.
If I have a mutil-million-dollar machine with a broken part, I will have to replace it with another OEM part. But if no OEM certified part is available and I have to order it from half way around the world, to keep the flow going, I have no choice but to replace it with a "substitute"part until the factory part arrives.

Substitue- is a temporary replacement.
Replace - means to remove and install, change out.
dimsumexpressSubstitue- is a temporary replacement.
I do not fully agree with this. Sorry. For example, in Tom's case, if one word is substituted for another then I would normally understand that substitution to be permanent.
I appreacite your view. It's a matter of scenario. A substitute teacher is not a permament replacement. In prescision equipment, substitute part is never meant to be a permanent part. But I see what you meant. Emotion: smile
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