I often say "So-and-so is broken". I think I say it too much.
Are there other expressions to replace this one?

Situations in which I use this sentence include:
1) The car is broken.
2) The radiator is broken.
3) The washing machine is broken.
4) My hard disk is broken.
5) My cellphone is broken.
6) My pullover is broken.
7) This sneaker is broken.

Thanks in advance!
Broken often refers to something that has an actual break that causes is not to function, such as a lamp or a lock. Broken down is used to describe a machine or appliance that is no longer working, such as a car or a washing machine.
I don't think I'd use it with items of clothing, which are probably worn out or torn.

Signs for public facilities, such as elevators or rest rooms, usually say "out of order".
Thanks very much