Hi everbody

What do you think successful women are same as successful men.

What do you think!!!!

Are the different or same ?????

What I men some society predestinate successful men more than women.

In addition some country don’t care about women even if there are successful

What do you think we have to deal with successful women same with successul men ??????

I hope some one will answer my questions
Well silentwar, it is always very difficult to be a successful woman. In India, women pursue their career interests and also manage to strike a balance between work and home. Though life for them is like a roller coaster, I've always admired those who have made it to the top.
Yes ,I do agree with Benita.Successful women have to maintain a correct balance between their professional and personal life.Men and women are equal ,but not identical.Therefore,both of them achieve their success only after overcoming different sets of problems.However,successful people should always be admired at,no matter whether are men/women.