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Would you please tell me what grammatical class do “over” and “such” belong to ?

« Package holidays » are becoming more and more popular. That is the sort of holiday the people (1) over there are going on. A travel agency has chartered the plane they are going to travel in, reserved the hotel they will stay at and even ordered the food they will eat. That is why it is called a package holiday. (2) Such holidays are usually rather cheap. That is probably why they are so popular. But not everybody likes them. Some people say you do not see very much of the country you go to.

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Over and there are both adverbs. Individually they mean:
over: on the other side of an intervening space.
there: in or at a place other than that of the speaker.

---Webster's Third New International Dictionary

I think in your example there is some ellipsis: That is the sort of holiday the people [who are] over there are going on. The combination over there indicates that the people are in a location away from the speaker and that location is on the other side of some intervening space. One might say over gives some extra distance to there.

Such is an adjective which modifies holidays. Such means:
such: having a quality already or just specified.
---Webster's Third New International Dictionary
Thank you, rvw. So "over" is NOT an adjective a preposition, is it?

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It can be. For all of its uses see
Sorry I made a typo. I meant PREPOSITION and not "adjective". Is it not possible to edit a mail once it has been answered?

There is a time limit for editing EnglishForward.com posts. I have asked that there be no limit, but I think the administrators feel that threads would sometimes become confusing if unlimited edits were allowed.
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I agree with the administrators. If an original poster is allowed to edit a message at any time, there will be lot of chaos or bewilderment in our forum.