I have a question about this phrase "suck it" when I was watching TV show Prison Break, what does it mean in this context? Is it a bad word here? (If it is, I hope you do not mind the question I ask. You can just tell me it is a bad word)

Thanks for your help.

Bellick: What the hell's going on in here?
C.O.: Well, these inmates became belligerent and they refused to rack in.
Bellick: You locked it down with inmates still out of their cells?
C.O.: We can handle 20 out-of-control inmates easier than 300.
T-Bag: Listen up, bros, listen up. Bellick, I got one for you. What do you call a piece of white trash who couldn't pass the cops' exam and now makes less than a mailman? A C.O.
Bellick: Get your hands off the fence.
Prisoner: Suck it, pig!
A bad word. He tells him to suck his... well...
I think you got the picture.
Okay. Thanks for your help, Madhulk.