There is a tribe in Sudan-Africa its name ( Robatab ) they are very smart to answer or reply instantly! And they have a good skill in perfect description…

There are many books about them…. I can translate some jokes for you.


A man was carrying a block of ice (in hot weather, we always buy ice) and the other man asked him: what do want to do with this ice? The first man said I want to make a doorstep for my house!


A boy was crying outside his house.

Stranger: why are you crying?

Boy: my father punished me.

Stranger: why did he punish you?

Boy: because I am nosey like you!!!!

Thank you Anon,
I think you've made a good translation.

lol thats funny I'm staring to actuallly LOVE SUDAN
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Verrry nice!
[Insult deleted by moderator] it was soooooooooooo corny. sorry but it's the truth! Bye!
lolol that funnyEmotion: smile
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