One university was going to celebrate its
30 years commemoration. I recommended a
personality as a main speaker there. She
accepted the proposal, but she cancelled
two days before the celebration day.
Our slang word for that is DOTAKYAN
'sudden last-minute cancellation'.
It's quite frequently used, but very informal.
Do you have any such slang word?
Thank you.
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She blew you out at the last minute?

(Use with care, though.)

This whole topic is deteriorating rapidly! I hesitate even to raise it, but I thought the current slang expression was .... blew you off .... - He blew off the meeting.

I wouldn't use the word "deteriorate", here... I find the evolution of the thread quite interesting. Emotion: embarrassed
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Savvy, The term "stood up" is generally used for a "no show". In other words if somebody does not turn up and they have not even bothered to cancel.

A boy may say of his girlfriend when asked next day how his date went. "She stood me up". Meaning she did not keep her promise to meet him.Emotion: sad

(Get your minds out of the gutter, we are not talking double entendre's now).