One university was going to celebrate its
30 years commemoration. I recommended a
personality as a main speaker there. She
accepted the proposal, but she cancelled
two days before the celebration day.
Our slang word for that is DOTAKYAN
'sudden last-minute cancellation'.
It's quite frequently used, but very informal.
Do you have any such slang word?
Thank you.
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Hi Anonymous,

You are driving me a little crazy here, why do you continue to post your questions in the wrong section? Please put them in the Vocabulary and Idioms section and save us moderators some work. thank you.

We don't have a single word for last minute cancellations. We would say they cancelled at the last minute, or that they let us down at the last minute.

Perhaps you could say 'She bailed out' or, as the shorter phrase is, these days, 'She bailed'?

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You can also say 'she chickened out' if she bailed out for some silly reason or due to stage fear. But this one's informal, don't use it too often.Emotion: smile

Diabicable - Terrible

Decidominant - Ten times as powerful
She blew you out at the last minute?

(Use with care, though.)

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lol MrP, anon can get into trouble using that one.Emotion: smile

Mr P. That should be in my "Double Entendre" thread. Emotion: wink

Anon, We would probably say we were "let down" by this particular person.

Or alternatively, the exact opposite, (but it means the same) "stood up"
Hi TallulahEmotion: big smile

I have never heard of the expression stood up in this context. Could you write the complete sentence with it,please?


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