People are having more and more sugar-based drinks. What are the reasons? What solutions to make people drink less?

It appears that the majority of people nowadays overconsuming soft drinks which are harmful to their health. There are several reasons leading to this problem, yet people can apply some measures to reduce their sugary drinks usage.

Obviously, the high content of sugar is the main reason, as the more sugar is put into drinks, the more addicted people are to them, especially children. They feel the great sweetness when drinking which makes them want more. As a result, they cannot resist those appealing kinds of drinks and have them frequently. Another noticeable point is that sugar-based drinks can easily quench people’s thirst without resulting in their being drunk like wine. Also, a glass of coke surely has more various flavors than water which is insipid. Accordingly, humans find it far more interesting to have sugary refreshments which are more thirst-quenching and diverse in tastes.

However serious the above reasons are, everyone can solve this by taking the following steps. Firstly, TV shows, social campaigns and clubs discussing this problem should be organized more. Thereby, residents can be well-informed about the negative consequences and how to avoid them. Of course, this responsibility falls on governments. For instance, they can make colorful commercials which list the harmfulness of cola and repeatedly show on TV. Therefore, anybody can keep in mind the range of information given and try to drink less. Secondly, should governments put a significant tax on all kinds of sweetened drinks, the consumption of them will possibly decrease, since no one will be willing to pay lots of money for a small can of Pepsi, for example. Finally, each individual has to notice how many times they use sugar-based drinks, and try to gradually reduce them. To illustrate, if a man consumes coca cola twice a day, then he must control it to once a month only.

On the whole, too much sugar and the diverse flavors are the cause of humans’ overconsumption of sugary drinks. Nevertheless, they can be encouraged to drink less by campaigns, high taxes and their awareness.

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