Is the "g"-sound in "suggest" pronounced or not?
I read that in American English 'suggest' is usually said as /seg'dshest/, while in British English it's pronounced /se'dshest/.
How do you say it?
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Please see website below,


It seems both correct, one is BrE the other AmE.
sometimes the first 'g' will even be unvoiced, and you'll get "suk-jest"
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Anonymoussometimes the first 'g' will even be unvoiced, and you'll get "suk-jest"
Possibly in a particular dialect but, it's not standard.

British English /sə-dʒest/

American English /səg-dʒest/ - There are Americans who may pronounce it the British way, kind of like people commonly mispronounce 'library' as 'libary'.

I'm Canadian and I have always pronounced it with a hard g sound and never noticed it spoken other way until I began teaching ESL to Chinese speakers.