Is the "g"-sound in "suggest" pronounced or not?
I read that in American English 'suggest' is usually said as /seg'dshest/, while in British English it's pronounced /se'dshest/.
How do you say it?
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Frankly, I have never heard anyone NOT pronounce the "g".

It's a "g" like the g and the st in "gesture", or similar to the spanish "ch" as in "chile".

You can go to www.webster.com and listen to the pronunciation if you want to. It's the only way to pronounce it from what I know. Although there is a "g" mentioned in the pronunciation at webster.com, if you listen to it, you can't hear it. Must be a silent g ... Emotion: smile

rgds Walter

PS: In case you know the answer, please give it to me for the garage-question i posted. Thanks!
I'm sorry, I didn't ask properly Emotion: sad
I was referring especially to the /g/ sound as in "get".

So my question is: Do you pronounce "suggest" only with the g-sound occuring in "gesture": /se'dshest/ or do you in addition also pronounce the sound occuring in "get": /seg'dshest/?
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I was wondering how it would sound at the end of a monosyllabic word, i.e. tag, rog, peg etc. Thanks in advance.
Hi Pemmican

I am not native, but I am sure that the right pronunciation is more like "se'dshest"..

To be more sure about it, you can check Cambridge Dictionary (dictionary.cambridge.org) where they show the phonetics, or the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (www.m-w.com) where you can listen the pronunciation...

Maj, you can check those dictionaries, too. Emotion: wink
I agree with The Mystic Dude. In America it's definitely pronounced with the hard "g" and then the 'j' sound, like "sug-jest."

Maj, answering your question...it's another one of those goofy English things where it depends on the word. I'll say that 9 times out of 10, it's going to be a hard "g" sound. The only situation I can think of where it wouldn't be a hard 'g' sound would be when it's short for another word where the 'g' sound sounds more like a 'j' sound. For example, the name "Roger"--that name is pronounced with a 'j' sound instead of a 'g' sound. So, the short version of that, "Rog", is also pronounced "Roj".
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You mean like Ma-j- Rog is pronounced like j from the word Maj. Are we getting mixed up here? Please, could you clarify this one for me? You know some people are neurotic about these type of things. Well, I must confess that I am one of those who, when you have a word on the tip of your tongue but you can't really say the word, keep trying and trying until the word finally comes out. Gosh, say something or I'll spend all night practising Rog or Roj until dawn and having noone to tell me whether my pronounciation is correct or not would really be despairing. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance.
haha, that's correct, maj! Rog is pronounced with the same 'j' sound as in maj! You can relax now! Emotion: stick out tongue
Relax, now! Doesn't seeing the two of them together really scare you? What I mean is, if in a three letter word, a 'j' and a 'g' can sound the same, what are we going to do when we have to say these sounds in longer words?
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