Hi everybody!

I'd like to open a thread, very simple, like a suggest to surf on the net. I'd also like that u use this thread very seriously, not to make advertising or spam, just to help everybody to find whatever we want from the internet world. If u want, u can put here just a link to the site u prefer or rather to put here the link and a little bit description in order to let the people know what they're going to visit!

The site I'd like to suggest u is this one:


Ludovico Einaudi is an italian piano musician, very famous in Italy and Europe. His site is in English language and it also has a forum in it, both in italian and english. If u like piano music, talking about music, from all over the world, take a look at it! I'll be there to show u all its beauties and, of course, my nickname is the italian form of Little Cloud, that's to say NUVOLETTA !!

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Hi Little Cloud,

I was wondering whether you could tell me how to pronounce this famous musician's name in English? Thanks in advance..

Hey DjB,

to pronounce it i'd say ...

Loo-do-v-I-kko Ey-naoo-di

but thats just my idea of it...i'm just trying to give you an idea of it...

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u're right!

Did u take a look at that site? if so, let me know what do u think about it/him!

Grazie Emotion: smile
prego! (u're welcome!) Emotion: smile
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