Hi all,
Can someone suggest the EXACT word for "to make someone win"
See this : I made him win in this year's election.
or this : I take guarantee to you in this race.
Is there just one word to subsitute the italicized phrase "made him won"Emotion: smile
As far as I know, there is no verb in English that means "made him won." You'll have to use a combination of words, such as "assured his victory" or "successfully helped."

There may very well be some obscure verb that means this, however, it's probably not in common usage.
oh really!
means English also lacks subsitutes for common life things..
i mean "to make someone win" is a very common activity..there has to be some word for it..
Anyway..thx for the help
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There are, of course, countless verbs that mean "to help," but specifically "made him win," I don't think so. I'd like someone else to confirm this, though. There are all kinds of ancient verbs out there that most people have never heard or seen, but most of them are archaic.
English is one of the richest languages in the world for nuances of meaning, so we have many things to win and many ways of supperting a win, and our phrasing allows for these distinctions to be made!

eg for an election - you cant ACTUALLY "make someone win it" you can only help - unles you rig the ballot boxes, which is quite a different concept!
"or this : I take guarantee to you in this race."

I guarantee to enthrone you?Emotion: wink
There's no proper everyday word but playing with words is not forbidden.
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I have to add that the phrase "I take guarantee" is NOT an idiom you'd hear a native speaker use.
I need the word for "to help someone to win". I know nobody can make someone win.
Verig suggested a good word 'Enthrone'.
Thx to all of u.
If someone knows a more accurate word that can replace my phrase then plz share it here.