1) I suggest that he sell the car.
2) I suggest that he sells the car.

We know that no 1 is correct. Is no 2 also correct?
No, sorry.
So the information at http://www.visualesl.com/pages/en/english_suggestions is incorrect.
It says "Mark suggests that he sells/should sell his house" is correct.
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I'm not familiar with the site; but the writer may well be of BrE origin.

(In BrE, you could use "sells", "should sell", or the subjunctive "sell". The last option has become more popular in the last two decades, in BrE, in contexts where "should sell" would once have been predominant.)

Thank you soo much. That was really a satisfactory explanation.[Y]
The subjunctive mood forms:

should sell
are the formal ones.
Sells is informal.
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can u show me some verb which is similar to suggest
for example order , mandate
suggest he be the King
order he be the King