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Hey Jaimie,

Did you manage to get into the program? I am applying for the 2013 intake and currently thinking about my PS.
Hey there,

It is interesting to read what I wrote 2 years ago. How I desire to get into that program at that time!

Sorry, your question....I didn't receive an offer from the university. And now I am studying in HK instead. Good luck to you!

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I read your conversation about study in Freiburg university. It was some years ago. i want to ask you if you managed to get there. If you did, could you please help me writing a letter of motivation. i am trying to apply for MSc REM in Freiburg uiversity. Thanks in advance.

Hey there!

I recently came across this university and find the REM course interesting. Would you please share your experience of writing your motivation letter for the same and did you make it to the course?

Thank you!

Hi, I read your comment and I am also thinking of applying in REM Freiburg. Were you able to secure admission in the course and can you help me regarding LOM.

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