Hi there.
I am a reasonably intelligent person with an MFA in creative writing who cannot spell! I also don't know the "rules of grammar" (hence the creative writing part of the whole thing...) and I am trying to get work at a temp agency, and I know I will need to take basic spelling and grammar tests. My question: do you know of any very simple books that can quickly help me learn the most misspelled words (no more than 1000) and the most obvious of the iron clad grammar rules? I don't need something for children, but I don't want to re-learn my whole middle school experience. Any ideas? Thanks so much!
"The Gregg Reference Manual" by William Sabin should fit in what you need.
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
Thank you!
hi dear.
i am intermadete lerner and i want to become an english teacher but i dont have enough self confident what should i do?