The personal computer (PC) defines a computer designed for general use by a single person. While a Mac is a PC, most people relate the term with systems that run the Windows operating system . PCs were first known as microcomputers because they were a complete computer but built on a smaller scale than the huge systems in use by most businesses.

A PC (Personal Computer) is a computer that is intended for a single persons use. Even though Mac is also a PC, most people relate a PC as a Windows operating system. PCs were known as microcomputers because they were made smaller than those large systems used by most businesses.


I summarized the first 4 lines, could someone correct or show another good way of it summarized.

I suggest your summary should be very brief, because the paragraph you are summarizing is itself very short. In a summary, you have to decide what is the important information and what can be left out. If you include everything, it's not a summary. How about this?

A PC is a one-person, general-purpose computer that is much smaller than the huge ones formerly used by businesses.

Best wishes, Clive
Hi Clive,

What about "single-user" instead of "one-person"?
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please someone? I thought this would be a fair forum where someone would reply to each topic.
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I think 'single-user' might suggest 'one person uses it at a time', while 'one-person' might suggest also that, but also suggest that the PC is owned by one person.

Thanks for the explanation, Clive.