I would appreciated if someone could summary these paragraphs below for me. Thank you inadvance.

This marital endgame reflects the fact that there are, in effect, two emotional realities in a couple, his and hers. The roots of these emotional differences, while they may be partly biological, also can be traced back to childhood and to the separate emotional worlds boys and girls inhabit while growing up. There is a vast amount of research on these separate worlds, their barriers reinforced not just by the different games boys and girls prefer but by young children'sfear of being teased for having a "girlfriend" or "boyfriend." One study of children's friendships found that three-year-olds say about half their friends are of the opposite sex; for five-year-olds it's about 20 percent, and by age seven almost no boys or girls say they have a best friend of the opposite sex. These separate social universes inter¬sect little until teenagers start dating.
I assume this is for some assignment you have to do, which will only improve your english when you do it.
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You're correct, this is one of the assignment that I have to complete. I have read it couple of times but I still couldn't think of a way to summarize this. Therefore, I am asking for the people help and if you can help, I appreciated very much.
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What Vince is saying, Petulant (the name suits you already), is that we would like you to make an effort, however unsatsified you may be with it, and post it as a beginning. Then we can get an idea of where you need help and advice.
Excuse me if I made you think I was being petulant in anyway. In my opinion, I think it means that, they can use the roots of our emotion to trace back to our childhood and to distinguish our inhabitant. I don't know if this even make sense in anyway, but if you guys have any input, I am looking forward to it. Thank you

'They can use the roots of our emotion to trace back to our childhood and to distinguish our inhabitant.' [PLEASE CHECK 'INHABITANT' IN YOUR DICTIONARY.]


'The differences between the bride's and the groom's attitudes toward marriage can be traced back to the distinctly different emotional childhoods that girls and boys experience.'

In summarizing, be sure to include enough information for the reader to identify the topic as well as the point of the piece.
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Thank you for correcting me and after checked back with the dictionary "inhabitant=permanent reside." Thank you for give me the summarize of your though and thank you for the tips.