Please read through the paragraph and make corrections to the mistakes. Thanks.

Sindbad sold all his household goods and embark a ship. On his cruise he landed an uninhabited island. There he fell asleep and when he woke up he found that he had been left alone. While trying to find a way out of the situation he found a massive egg. Suddenly a giant bird Roc came flying and descended on the egg. In the hope to get out of the deserted island he tied himself to the roc's leg using his turban. The next morning the roc took him to a mountainous valley full of enormous serpents and huge diamonds. He spent the night in a small cave and began exploring the valley again the next morning. Suddenly a huge piece of meat fell in front of him and then many more. It was the merchant throwing the meat in order to get the diamonds by luring the roc. Sindbad got a plan and collected several big diamonds. Then he tied himself to a large piece of meat. Soon a roc came and carried him along with the piece of meat to its nest. There he was rescued by the merchant on watch. At last he came home and enjoyed the riches he had gained during the voyage.

Sundar, I could find only one mistake that is

sundarnazembark a ship.

it should be embarked.

Please wait for the teachers for other corrections.

sundarnazOn his cruise he landed an uninhabited island.

This makes it sound like a holiday like this

sundarnazOn his cruise

Journey or voyage would be more accurate.

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sundarnazSuddenly a giant bird Roc came flying

You could use commas here.

sundarnazIn the hope to get out of the deserted island

This would be simpler and better as of getting off or leaving. You can choose one of the underlined parts.

sundarnazSindbad got a plan

Had would be more natural.