Hello, everybody. Summer is coming. In my country it's nearly here. This year we didn't experience any winter - no snow, no chill, nothing. Just bright, sunny days. And if there were any rainy days, they were compensated with scorching sun.

Is anybody coming in Bulgaria for the summer, on a holiday? Or, more particularly, in Bourgas? Please let me know. It'll be a thrilling experience and we can practise our English as well.
I don't have any idea about the heat in Bulgaria but in Karachi it reaches to around 42-44 C so it is hard to get outside and requires loads of stamina to stand the scorching sun beams in here. One feel like burning. One advantage is that we can move to sea side for some relief and that too at night.
Oh, should I be jealous? YES! I am jealous..I want that for my city, okay, not now but in a few weeks, after my exams..hehe!

Bulgaria, I have not planned to go to Bulgaria yet, maybe in a couple of years:D.
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really? i'm not so sure about your english... try to srub your sentence