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Of course, I do. But since you got married we haven't talked much. I thought that you might have moved or sth. Merry Christmas, Chris. I must say I had great fun talking to you. You are a great conversationalist.
Wow, that's a long word! It has been fun and I hope it continues for a long time. May I say that your English has improved since you've been here.
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Thanks. Was it that bad?
No way, it was never bad. I must admit that I've seen an improvement over the months though.
Coming from you I must say it is a great compliment, thanks. You are the greatest purist in the world.
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AAARRGG me a purist! I really wish I were but believe me I'm a million miles away!
In my eyes you are!
Oh Maj, you're such a romantic! Anyway, lets get back to Nicholetta's life story, I'm looking forward to it!
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me too.
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