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Do you like sunbathing Maj? Do you like bathing? Do you like the Sun? Do you like shopping? Do you like answerning questions? Do you like mushrooms?
Do I like Maj?
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lol I just read this ChrisEmotion: smile
I'm not a fan of sunbathing. I don't like getting too hot, under the sun that is. I can't lie around doing nothing. I prefer to be swimming in the ocean.
It's getting really hot here in Santiago now. Normally 30 degrees everyday.
I've never had a white (northern hemisphere) Christmas. I imagine it has a different feel to it.
I'd like to have a white Christmas eve with a girlfriend in Prague, and then ten hours later a black one with a Chilian girlfriend on the beach near the ocean.Emotion: smileEmotion: smile
This is all getting a bit too much for me!!!

Pieter, I share your sentiments, wow - two doses of christmas!

Woody, careful choice of words!Emotion: smile Do you think someone is playing with us?
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Yes, and flying business class.Emotion: smile
Of course, nothing less!

It's funny that I started this post - I honestly HATE sunbathing!
In Hungarian it would sound: Almodik a nyomor. In English: Misery is dreaming.
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Sun, Heat, Ultraviolet, Summer, Hot Sand, Hot Sea, Sweat, Tan, Melting Asphalt, Mirages, Sunbathing -
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PS: It's -7 C and lots of snow here today
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