Well, it's the time of year where Europe gets colder while the southern hemisphere gets warmer (at least I think!)

I'm just looking forward to next summer and the prospect of sunbathing again.

Maj, do you enjoy sunbathing?
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Yes, I do. Why are you asking?
Sorry Maj, there was no reason. I just got bored and had nothing to say!
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You think well, summer in southern hemisphere now.

Christmas in summer is good experience for people who are used to spend that time in cold climate.
I enjoyed three Christmas in summer and I observed people think in different things, after all, it is time of holidays in te South hemisphere, the courses on school and universities have finished, everybody is thinking of holidays, long summer holidays.

About sunbathing there are people who can't enjoy it. It is my case, Emotion: sadI have to scape from sun or the skin will be very damaged.
Where are you Chris? Are you sunbathing?
You are right Elena, I like sunbathing but not for too long.
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You know where I am! Sunbathing is a little difficult when it's 17C. The weather is nice, but not nice enough.
Why do you say I know where you are? I just don't.
I thought when we started on the forums we chatted a lot about ourselves - I thought you would remember that I'm living in Malta Emotion: crying
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