Is Sundays the word for weekly newspapers that come out on Sunday?
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My dictionaries say it is - in the Plural form. But we'd better wait for native speakers' answers [:^)]
Thank you, Fair Lady! My dictionaries don't say anything, so it's help indeed.
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Hi Miche,

Here in UK we refer to the Sunday papers as "the Sundays".
Hi, Abbie,
Are these Sundays daily newspapers? They come out on Monday, Tuesday,... AND Sunday?
Yes, Miche - we still refer to them as Sundays, but we don't talk of "Mondays" etc! The "Sundays" will often contain a review of and comment on the week's news.
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Thank you, Abbie! That was a prompt reply indeed. Emotion: smile
Slightly confusing!

1) ONLY the sunday's paper is called Sundays.
2) the other day's paper aren't Sundays.

Am I right?
Correct praveen. they're not called "monday's" "tuesdays" etc. either. they are called "the dailies"
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