Could anyone give me more examples for the superlative of adverbs?, I mean, for the most common verbs used in this pattern, because this structure doesn't exist in spanish. I can imagine something like this:

He plays the piano the best of my friends.
She swims in the river the best of all.
He palys the guitar the worst in the world. Are they right? Thanks...
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Good catch! The more idiomatic version is "He is the worst guitar player in the world" -- but then we've lost the superlative of the adverb.Emotion: crying
CalifJimbut you don't need the "the" nor the complement phrase,
If I had to narrow the meaning of the sentence. Is there any option as complement phrase besides using in and of?

He sings worst in town / in the family / in the class.
He plays the guitar best of the three / of all of us.
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