I was wondering if there is a place to find the pronunciation of surnames.

Mainly: Feigenbaum and Gristede
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I'm from Thailand. if you would like to pronounce Thai nasme/surnames . I'm willing to help.
I have a question to pronounce a Geman family name 'Koepcke' . Many thanks if you can help.
Sorry. GN is pronounced as the N (with tilde) in the spanish word Senor.
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Thank you. A precious site.
Could you please tell me how to pronounce Sechelski? I say sa shellski my friend says the sand e are silent and it is prounounced shell ski. which is correct? Thank you
Hello, everybody. I also wonder how to pronounce "Gathercole", a typical British surname.

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F+eye Ginn Bomb (the "g" is like in goat)

Grish - Ted
If this is German, then FI-gen-baum. And GRIS-ted-dee or GRIS-ted-duh
figh-gun-balm (no L) Grisht-ed
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Looks like a Basque name -- in which case, pronounce as in Spanish (or sometimes as in French). To non-Basque and non-Spanish ears, the "z" sounds like an English "ss".
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