Hi... Im from argentina... and at school i have a subject that is called management... and for it I need your help Emotion: stick out tongueEmotion: embarrassed ... My task is to introduce a product from Argentina into England... My group and i thought of introducingDulce de leche.... that for the ones that dont know... its a kind of mermelade...

What I need is you to answer som stupid questions.... so please help me with that

* Do you consume some kind of mermelade?

* Have you ever tasted Dulce de Leche? If yes, did you like it?

* What brands of mermelade are in the market of England?

* What do you generaly have when having tea? (Example: cookies, toasts, etc)

* What do you generaly have when having breakfast?

Thanx for your help....
Hi, sounds like an interesting project

~Firstly, its name is marmalade not mermelade (I think - as long as you mean the tangy orange stuff).

1) I don't like it but my boyfriend eats it.

2) No we've not heard of it.

3) Robinson's. Golden Shred.

4) By tea do you mean the drink tea or an afternoon snack? Usually biscuits.

5) Toast with marmite or honey, yoghurt, scrambled eggs on toast, banana, cereal (not all of them, one of them!)
- No I usually don't consume marmalade.

- Yes, I've tasted Dulce de Leche and LOVE IT!!!

- I don't know what kind they sell in England but in the US there usually is only orange-flavored.

- Most people I know (Americans) usually have tea after dinner so they usually eat cookies.

- For breakfast, I usually have a piece of toast with peanut butter on top and orange juice.