We are a group of Polish philosophers who are particularly interested in a relatively new and rapidly developing branch of philosophy, the so-called experimental philosophy (X-phi). One of its main assumptions is that experimental investigation can offer some new insights into old philosophical debates.

We are particularly interested in the possible applications of some methods characteristic of empirical linguistics to experimental philosophy. The most common experimental set-up in X-phi is to give the respondents a vignette and to gather data on their intuitions concerning the scenario described in the vignette. We have observed that experimental philosophers very often ignore the impact of the language in which the scenario and the question is formulated.

We are currently preparing a study, which is designed to test some of our hypotheses concerning the impact of language [linguistic formulation] on philosophical intuitions. We would like to compare the answers of Polish and English native speakers when confronted with different types of short texts. To undertake our research and discover what kind of questions we should pose we need to conduct a pilot study. In Poland, our access to English native speakers is seriously restricted and that is why we would like to ask you for help.

We are looking for 20 volunteers who could take part in the pilot study. The task is to read 10 short fragments of original texts in English. It should take up to 25 minutes. The only condition is to be a native speaker of English.

If you are interested in participating or would like to begin the survey, click this link: http://kognilab.xyz/survey

We will be grateful for your assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Katarzyna Kuś
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