I am new here, so I would like to introduce myself: my name is Dominik and I am the student of the last year of linguistics a the University of Gdańsk in Poland, currently writing MA paper on the cross-cultural (and also cross-linguistic) aspects of swearing. The particular interest of the study is how different nations, cultures and language use the indecent words, what is the attitude towards swearing in different societies and, most importantly, what are the tabooed areas in different parts of the world. I am especially aware of the fact that vulgarisms are one of the first linguistic items acquired while living among native speakers of given language, and the reasons are obvious: swear words constitute a very natural, direct means of enriching communication due to their ability to convey emotional meaning that non-vulgar expressions cannot achieve. Therefore, I decided to introduce my questionnaire here as the forums are visited by learners of different nations would contribute to a non-biased and reliable data on this fascinating and barely touched topic.Also, as soon as I get a sufficient number of responses I will post the results here to share the data with the forum readers. Of course, the it is a completely non-profit research which serves purely academical purpose. If you have any questions concerning the survey or the theory of vulgarisms in general - feel free to post it here, I've been studying this matter for several months so I think that I'll be able to provide answers and dissipate your doubts.

Here is the link:

I have inputed my share into your paper, have you got it?

An interesting topic as for master paper.. 

Stas from Ukraine.
Oh yes, thank you, you've been a great help!
The topic is interesting indeed, I've read through the bibliography with sheer pleasure, but the writing itself can be bothersome at timesEmotion: smile But now only the practical application remains, and I'm impatiently waiting for the results of the poll, let's see if theory meets practice.
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Hi Dominik,

I have no idea when your message has been sent, but for me it´s quite actual. I´m going to write about very similar topic in my MA paper and it would be very helpfull if you gave me some literary sources, links or whatever helped you to write about this topic. Thank you very much. You can write it here or on my e-mail [ email removed by moderator. Please register and you can put contact information in your profile. ]