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Could anyone tell me if there is a standard rating for english swear words? I've tried to find a list on the internet but I can't find one at all. I need to know for my schoolwork. If anyone can help me and direct me to one that would be brilliant.

Rating swearwords or taboo words is not easy as long as the degree of "offence" may vary from person to person or from town to town. Even an exclamation like "Jesus!" may seem offensive to someone, believe it or not. Keep in mind that a word can be considered taboo in one culture but not in other, especially slang and swearwords.

As I don't want to reproduce such words here, I advise you to take a look upon Michael Swan's "Practical English Usage". He wrote a very daring chapter on this type of words and I think he kind of rated them.

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George Carlin, the comedian, did a very funny routine on the seven swear words you can't say on TV. It's on tape, but I'd be happy to email you the list.
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Yes, and where would I send that?
Vivica: Just to help you to be really picky, you might want to note that, properly, swearing is blasphemy (so that's where the "Jesus!" exclamation becomes a swearword). And lots of the words that people wouldn't normally consider swearwords are actually blasphemies -- like "Darn!" is a stand-in for "Damn!" and is offensive to some of a most particular nature. Lots of the words that are commonly referred to as swearwords are really only obscenities. And some of the words that people think of as obscenities are actually swearing if you are an Anglo-Saxon or Old Norse speaker and a pagan worshipping the Goddess Fricka.
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