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I am in the process of getting my master thesis down to paper. Reading through the text, i noticed that i often start sentences with "in order to .. "
Could you please give me some alternatives to this like 'therefore', 'so', etc.

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I think I cannot say anything on it until I see it. But I would like to say that it depends on the mood and sense of the sentence.
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"so as to"

But , "in order to" is the most common expression Emotion: wink


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So that = in order to
Anonymous"in order to .. "
Could you please give me some alternatives to this
English learners frequently use 'in order to' when a simple 'to' will do just fine. You should probably omit 'in order' in at least half of these occurrences of 'in order to'.


as a means to and

in order that have the same meaning

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to = (in order) to = (so as) to
in order that = so (that)
for sb/sth to
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What is your opinion about 'with the purpose of doing sth'?

I just opened OALD at 'in order to do sth' Emotion: smile

The definition is:

with the purpose or intention of doing or achieving sth
One example:

She arrived early in order to get a good seat.
My try:

She arrived early with the purpose/intention of getting a good seat.
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