Hi all!

Does anybody know a synonym for way in this sentence. I've used that word quite often in my text already and I was wondering if there's another word that fits:

"The book is different in two significant ways."

Maybe "two significant aspects"?

"Aspects" is best.

You might also consider "features". The book features two siginicant differences. I do not like that sentence as it seems quite stilted.

Why not change the construction of the sentence entirely?

The book differs in a couple of significant areas....

Two differences in the book can be seen in its treatment of ......

Hope this helps.

Dear Isotope

Welcome to Forum.

Here are some of the other choises you can select:

method, process, procedure,means,approach,manner...

Hope it helps you.


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Thanks for your answer.

I'm not a native speaker but your suggestions somehow don't sound that good to me. I dont think somebody would say "The book is different in two significant processes/procedures."
Thanks John. This helps a lot!
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