Hello, I am doing natural language processing research. I found out at least a dictionary shows that these are synonyms to each other, separated with comma accordingly.

Jakarta, capital of Indonesia
Moscow, capital of the Russian Federation, Russian capital

If we want to refine these synonym relation further, I think we should not consider that "capital of Indonesia" is synonym to "Jakarta" , because if they are synonym to each other , people would not longer need to ask the question, "what is the capital of Indonesia ?" . How agree are you with me ? and what is the relation between that "capital of Indonesia" and "Jakarta" called ?


You might find it interesting to look at the word 'apposition', and its meaning.
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Eagerlearnerwhat is the relation between that "capital of Indonesia" and "Jakarta" called ?
The two expressions are said to share the same referent. They are coreferential.

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Interesting question.

I would say thay proper nouns can never be true synonyms. Bob is not a synonym for my brother and Mrs Smith is not a synonym for teacher.

However, your example is different as there is only one Jakarta (to my knowledge). As to the relationship between these words, I would say that capital of Indonesia is the definition of Jakarta.

Or could they be hyponyms? All Jakartas are the capital of Indonesia, and all capitals of Indonesia are Jakarta!
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