In an essay, I am trying to describe a person who stood out from the crowd with his unique appearance. Earlier in the paper, however, I have already used the phrase "stood out," and I am stumped about what I should use instead. I do not want to be repetitive but not want to venture too far from the meaning of the original phrase either.

So, my question is: what other phrases have a similar-or better the exact same-meaning as "stand out?"

I checked thesaurus.com but was not satisfied with the answers it gave me.
Gergely KovacsSo, my question is: what other phrases have a similar or better the exact same meaning as "stand out?"
He stands out from the crowd (due to appearance) can be replaced by:-

He is conspicuous / prominent / distinctive / eye-catching
He attracts attention

I hope my suggestion help.
Have a look at 'egregious'.

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It does, thank you!
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