Some transitive verbs used as intransitive how the 'intransitive' use relates to the transitive use?


This question is really too general to answer in any useful way. Please ask about a specific verb, or group of related verbs. There is a class of English verbs, so-called "ergative" verbs, that allow the transitive object to become the intransitive subject. For example:

he stopped the car / the car stopped
he broke the window / the window broke
he closed the door / the door closed

You may be thinking of verbs like this.

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Some transitive verbs are used as intransitive. How does the 'intransitive' use relates relate to the transitive use?

If it's transitive, it takes an object.

We left London on Saturday.

If it's not transitive (intransitive), it takes no object.

We left on Saturday.

In the intransitive case, you omit the object. This may be because it is already understood from what was already said previously in the conversation.


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