Hi Sir/Madam, is below syntax correct?

While (subordinate conjunction) major financial institutions (subject) in the world (prepositional phrase) are laying (verb) off staff (prepositional phrase), local universities (subject) are launching (verb) new business programs (object) to pump new blood (prepositional phrase) into the industry (prepositional phrase).
are laying off - phrasal verb

staff - direct object - what's being laid off

to pump - verb

new blood - object - what's being pumped.

Again, does this type of analysis help you form new, correct, logical sentences on your own?
I agree. I think GG's suggestion is well worth considering.

Best wshes, Clive
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Hi Grammar Geek,

Thanks for answering my question. I think doing analysis on the sentence is helpful to improve my english. Sentence should follow some basic rules of words order. I am trying to broke the sentence into the basic components. Like building a house, without good skeleton, we can't make a safe and strong house.
Hi Hkqq

I think learning how to write correctly is more important. After you have a strong foundation in English, you can start to analyse the sentences.

It's what I think. Others may disagree.
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I think focusing on meaning is more important. When I write something, I don't think "Oh, this would work well with the dependdent clause lead-in, followed by the main clause that uses two prepositional phrases."

I would recommend putting your energy into writing your own simple but well constructed sentences instead of trying to analyze every word in other writers' more complex sentences.
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