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I study English Language, and Literature in a college, and one of the mandatory courses is called Syntax. I have watched a link that explains what is this topic about in general, and it is:

My question is: I am un-assured, uncertain, and insecure whether the word "outside" is indeed an object or not that is mentioned in the minute 01:26 - 01:29 in the sentence:" The boy looks outside of the window." Can a native speaker of English explains it to me why is it an object?
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Hello. I hope you are safe, and sound.

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The boy looked outside of the window.

Natural English is The boy looked out (of) the window. [ The word of is sometimes omitted .]

Here 'out of the window' is a prepositional phrase.

outside is used in sentences like these.

The tree is outside the house. ie it is external to the house

The tree is outside the window. ie it is external to the window