It's about partents that are proud to raise many children, please let me know if I have any mistakes, thanks.

(Part before that, list of all what it takes to take care of a small child...)
Now, imagine all of this plus a "slight" change - multiply it by ten !! And if that is not enough, then please do not forget that we are both entrepreneurs and owners of successful businesses that we built from scratch.

So yeah, you're right, we're not your random family. And to those of you who have experienced some difficulties in raising one or two children surely can not even begin to imagine this reality of being devoted and loving parents to 10 children. It may sound scary and maybe even a nightmare to some people. Well, this is our amazing reality. A reality of happiness and blessings that with the help of an approach that involves unconditional love and awareness we are able to experience daily bliss with countless moments of gratitude.

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