Is the following sentence correct? How can I improve it?

The web site launch is tabled for launch on this Friday.


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The web site's launch is planned for this Friday.

«Tabled» is not the verb you need.
"Tabled" would often mean "postponed." In Robert's rules, when a motion is being considered, a member may move to "table" it. If that motion carries, all discussion of the previous motion ceases, if I remember correctly. It's used in less formal situations to mean "let's put it on the back burner."

Another word for your sentence might be "scheduled."

Did you mean to imply the date was tentative?
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Thanks. May be I did not hear the speaker correctly. Before posting the question , I had googled the phrase to see sentences using that phrase, and the use was not very clear to me. Just now, I found the following sentence. I think 'tabled' in the second sentence mean 'postpone'

1. The 1997 State of the Parks Report was tabled today in Parliament.

2. Issues that threaten to consume too much time should be tabled and dealt with at a later time



In some legislative assemblies, 'tabled' means 'brought up for immediate discussion'. But in others, it means that discussion is postponed.

In other words, it depends on what country you are in.

Best wishes, Clive
Anyone thought from which noun this verb originates — table (as "logarithm table") or table (as "oaken table")?
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Anyone thought from which noun this verb originates — table (as "logarithm table") or table (as "oaken table")?

I'm sure it's the latter. The verb form simply refers to placing something on a table, often for immediate discussion or occasionally because we want to talk about it later.

Best wishes, Clive
Oh, thanks! I thought it could be some kind of schedule in the form of a table, like:
11:00 — WakeUp
12:00 — BreakFast
I've never associated the verb 'to table' with that sort of 'table', Ant. I agree with Clive's assessment.
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