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a sentence from the newspaper..

"...Mr. Lenno said the legislation would be tabled on Tuesday, with a goal to have it passed by the end of the year.

the premier told reporters earlier this month he would allow the legislation to sit on the table of parliament until next February..."

my questions are:

(1). what does "tabled" mean in this sentence?

does it mean (a). to present sth formally for discusion ? or

(b). to leave an idea, an proposal etc. to be discuss at a later date?

(2).what does "sit on" mean in this sentence?

does it mean (a). to have received a lettle or report etc from sb and then not replied or taken any action concerning it or....

I deeply appreciated your help
#2 is unfamiliar to me, but I suppose that it means the same as #1-- B. Legislation means a law to be passed.
This reminds me of a previous discussion:

In U.S., to table a bill means: motions to table, or to "lay on the table," are used to block or kill amendments or other parliamentary questions. When approved, a tabling motion is considered the final disposition of that issue. One of the most widely used parliamentary procedures, the motion to table is not debatable, and adoption requires a simple majority vote.

http://www.thecapitol.net/glossary/tuvwxyz.htm#Table%20a%20Bill :

But I remember someone else saying that it means the opposite in Canada. I tried to find that thread, but the search wasn't working. Emotion: sad
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Yes, in Canada the government tables new legislation, meaning they introduce it. I would think this would also be true in the UK.

Yes, to 'table' a document or legislation generally means to introduce it (lay it on the table) for discussion or consideration in parlaiment.
Various types of documents may be tabled in parlaiments.
#2 'Sit on' means to have something but deliberately not reveal, use, or act upon it.
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hi all,

you guys have been a great help...thank you!