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Let's just be civil, and ask him what he meant.
What I meant is clear: it is natural to feel embarrassed about sex in public as an intuitive sense and judgment; the same thing is true for getting rid of your body’s waste( sorry to broach a subject like this). Is it natural to do it in front of others? Could you blow or pick your nose before others without causing disgust and resentment????! Theses feeling are instinctive feelings. Till this day the majority is against these acts in public, but only God knows how things are going to change in the future.

On the other hand, is it an embarrassing act to pray? To guide people to purity? To urge people to give many to charity? To discipline their children?
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Where I live, people who want to pray normally do so in church or at home. In most cases, praying in other, public places would be seen as odd.

Best wishes, Clive
Ahmedali111, to just ignore all that we know about the powerful mechanisms of culture and circumstances in shaping the individual, all that we have discovered about the genetics of the brain and encoding of experience, and simply to disregard all that has been discovered about entirely different cultures, and instead simply to assume that our own prevailing attitudes are innate, is merely provincial arrogance and failure of imagination, ignorance claiming monopoly upon truth. But look into this for yourself.

Then again, sexuality does seem to entail a particular and special universal vulnerability, so that it is especially easy to shame people about their most natural and fundamentally innate desires for uplifting pleasure and the comfort of human contact. So perhaps you have a point after all. The trick, however, is actually conning us all to take such shaming and manipulation for granted, like the weather, even to become proud of being ashamed and prize it greatly. But if we actually ought to go so far as be proud to be ashamed of anything, surely it should come only in regards to lack of kindness, respect and failure of responsibility.
All the three (kindness, respect, responsibility) are included in what I mentioned above. You are free to adopt whatever point of view you’d prefer and apply the system that suits you most, but you have to regard others interests! Don’t forget the fact that culture is created by man, and it’s easy to destroy but harder to build; its easy to destroy ethics and delude people, but harder to build healthy attitude and inculcated high values and principles in new generations. I’m not deceiving people when I insist on the common attitude that certain activities might shock people if performed in public, a matter they already know; or when I call for modesty, for example. But those who advocate nudity or promiscuity, as another example, should by opposed. What progress might be detected by subtle minds in seeing people engaged in these things? Knowledge is in encouraging people to learn and ask about mysteries of universe and its creation, while ignorance is in making people slaves of theirs lusts and preoccupying their minds with theses trifles.
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Ahmedali111, history teaches us how human beings become jaded even to such horrors as poverty, oppression, plagues and corpses in the streets one the one hand, and even such blessings as life saving medicines, affluence and comfort on the other. By comparison, the entire range of sexual attitudes and practices are as nothing. Yet the empirical evidence overwhelmingly converges to the conclusion that more sexually open people are happier and healthier. So investigation of the Universe demands also to question all of your prejudicial bogus certainties to the contrary. Tolerance is among the blessings of social progress. By contrast, for example, forcing the native Hawaiians to exchange their grass skirts for muumuus was both criminal and ludicrous.
You are not arguing, you are merely gainsaying. You have not backed up a single assertion of your own, nor actually countered any points of mine, much less researched the question.
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Help?? I asked an Italian man if it is cold to walk on his marble floors in the winter? he became angry! what did I say wrong?
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