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AnonymousISIS could have not grown
ISIS could not have grown
AnonymousHe never had ISIS under control.
How could he, when regional countries are supporting them? That's in addition to the western countries supporting other, armed groups who have either joined IS or handed over their American-supplied arms to IS.
Hi it's very interesting to see the difference about taboo subject that there are in Uk and France. In France, it's very difficult to talk about money too because it's too private and it does not consern the public area. And French people won't try to learn more about how much do you earn because they understand how uncomfortable it is to explain this. It will be consider as vanity if you say that you earn a lot and humility if you say that you earn ot enough to live.
There are also other subject which are taboo like sex. In France it dépends on who do you speak with but generally sex is very private and you will be seen as a rude person if you try to know abour sexual practice of other people.
There is also Policy which is a very sensitive subject because there is so many problems in France about Policy with the attack of paris or Charlie Hebdo. It's not a good idea to talk about that for now but if you are with friends or family there is no problem to discuss about this subject.
Religion is not a taboo subject in France exept if you are muslim because so many people do amalgam between muslims and terrorist because they are afraid and they don't try to understand this religion and to see this religion as the Jewish and Christian religion. And actually Religion is also private. Who care's about the religion, the religion does not defined who you are this is just a part of you not YOU. So it's very complicated to discuss with open minded people but if you find people like that, you can debate and talk easily.

I hope it helps people to understand subject that it's good and easy to discuss with other people and subjects which are better not to speak. Emotion: smile
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Hi nona,Your express was great and i loved it.Thank you for this.
In Iran it is taboo to talk about sex at public places with others and even at home when children are present or awake.
In my country conversation about sex and democracy and religion are taboo
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The taboo conversation topics vary depending on which country we're talking about. But in general, the most common subjects that shouldn't be discussed in a conversation are politics, religion, personal finances, health, family and relationship problems, gossip, sex, drugs, bodily functions, race and personal appearance. These are the most controversial and risky. Every human own point of view, issues and needs, so it's better to avoid those topics, no matter you're talking to (unless you're having a conversation with your family members or close friends).