I am a medical transcriptionist and there is a question about whether these words are synonymous terms. "Tachycardiac" is generally defined as an adjective (but not always...it is either called an adjective or there is no part of speech given) and "tachycardic" seems to be an accepted term, but what part of speech it is, is never given! I recently used "tachycardiac" in a report and was told that I used the wrong term. Can you help clarify this for me?


They seem to mean the same thing. In other words, they just seem to be variations in spelling.

Look here.


They both seem to be adjectives.

I can't seem to locate Clive's source link, but I did find these on an online medical dictionary ( http://www.medilexicon.com/medicaldictionary.php ) :


Type: Term

Pronunciation: tak′i-kar′dē-ak
1. Relating to or suffering from excessively rapid action of the heart.


Type: Term

Pronunciation: tak′i-kar′dik
1. Relating to rapid heart rate.
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Tachycardiac is an adjective and it has to be followed for a word.

Tachycardic can also be used as adjective and noun, and a sentence can end with tachycardic but not tachycardiac.

So, it is better to use tachycardic if there is no other word which follows this.
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Tachycardiac is the feeling. Tachycardic is like, "She's tachycardic." meaning she's prone to tachycardia. Gets?