Hello Teachers,

1.They haven't been informed, have they?

Only first helping verb should be taken for forming the tag question. Is it correct?

2.Let the bous play,--------? (no idea!).

3.None would survive in this world war, would(they or it)?

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1) Yes, normally (I can't think of an exception at the moment).

2) Let the boys play, will/won't you? (Give me the paper, will/won't you? Clean your room, will/won't you?)

3) ... would they? No one would survive, would s/he/they?
Hello teachers,

Thanks for prompt answer.

1.Don't make noise, ----------(tag question)?

2.Let's play together, Shall we?

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1) ... will you?
2) Let's play together, shall we? Let's not play together, shall we?
Let the boys play, will you?
Will you please let the boys play?

None would survive in this world war, would they? (not one of the soldiers)
MrM. What's the nuance when using will or won't:

Give me the paper, will you?
Give me the paper, won't you?
Clean your room, will you?
Clean your room, won't you?
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Nuance is the right word, Latin! Not much-- it depends much more on tone of voice and situation than on word choice.

I have just tried rolling them both around in my mind, and pinpoint nothing. Sometimes one sounds a bit more exasperated than the other, but which one?n Maybe 'won't you' shows a little impatience, but it's not consistent-- it depends on actually hearing them spoken in context.
1.Don't make noise, ----------(tag question)?

2.Let's play together, Shall we?


is overly formal for a situation asking about playing. The likelihood that a child would ever use it is minimal. "okay" is commonly used as a tag in everyday speech for some instances.

Don't make noise, will you?

sounds really strange to me. Here, 'okay' would be much more the norm or failing that, a more polite request than a tag would be used.
I cleaned your room
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