Çameria is situated geographically on the north-west Greece. This beautiful region, has a rich Albanian heretage and it was only in the 1912 that is was annexed unfairly and unjustifiable from Greece. This was the aftermath of the decision of the great powers to give Çameria to Greece, just as the great powers had made similar decisions to give Kosova and other Albanian territories to Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro.
The word Çam is an evolution of the word "t'chiam" which is the name of an ancient river passing right through Çameria(The word T'chamis appears on many ancient Roman and even Hellenic maps, indicating that the word Chameria is older than the word Epirus, and it's used only by us Albanians). Another branch of this river remains to be known to this day as the "lumi i kalamait"( Kalamait River). What's most important is that everything about Çameria is Albanian in every sense of the word. The word Çameria has more of a topological meaning, but Çams have a very strong Albanian ethnicity, tradition and customs. Çameria has a very welldefined ethno-geographical meaning, which is strongly Albanian.

A large number of Çam population is situated on the seaside and goes up to the Gulf of Preveza. Another considerable number of towns and villages are situated on both sides of the river of "kalamait". The rest of of the Çam villages and towns are situated in more remote places and often on hills and mountains..

The greek goverment has been very hostile toward Çams and the main reason is the fact that Çams have a very strong Albanian identity. Another reason of the Greek hostilities is the fact that Greeks inhereted a very hostile policy towards us. During the period of time, from 1854 till 1877 the Albanians of Çameria resisted successfully the attacks from Greek "Andartes". During the WWI and WWII the greek troops attacked Çameria again. The (provisional) government of Vlora (Albania) responded by sending Albanian military troops to assist the Albanian population of Çameria , but the decision of the Ambassadors Conference assigned Çameria to Greece. As a result of this decision by the great powers, Greeks forces led by the hateful figure of N. Zervas launched attackes that ended up with many innocent Albanian locals killed.

To this day, we Çams in greece are described as bad people from an increasing "safocating" Greek propaganda based on the fact that we refuse to be assimilated as it is the case with some of "Arvanites" in south and central Greece.

The today exact number of Albanians of Çameria in Greece is approx. one million people, taking into the account some relativly newly formed Çam villages and towns elsewhere in Greece..if all the number of Albanians in Çameria is added to the number of Arvanites in other areas of Greece, then the total number of Albanians in Greece is around 3.000.000 people. However only Albanians in Çameria call themselves real Shqiptars(Albanians). Arvanites elsewhere in Greece are under greater assimilating preasure from the Greek goverment and Ani-Albanian greek circles.

Prior to WWI and WW2, the population in Çameria was around 93% Albanian , the rest were other ethnic groups such as Greeks,Vlachs, gypsies, etc.. On the 19th century, 80% of the Albanian population in Çameria was of Moslim Relegion(the process of convertion to islam started in the 18th century) and a 20% Christian Orthodox, however the first world war, found the the Albanian comunity as made up of 50% moslim and 50% orthodox beleivers(this shift happened in a matter of 70 years). After the world wars a fraction of the Moslim Populations was expelled by the Greek special forcies, leaving intact the mainly orthodox Albanian population(50%) and a small fraction of molsims(13%) who by now mostly converted to orthodoxy to survive.The converstion back and forth from one relegion to the other, before the world war I, was common among families!.
However both Albanian relegious communities were extrimily close to each-other before the war and to this day, the Greek goverment has not managed to assimilate the Albanians of Çameria. The Albanian language is spoken indoors and outdoors as much as on everyday working places, but the greek govemnet with very little preasure from outside refuses to recognise Albanian minority in greece and refuses to open schools on Albanian language.

The region is officially known asEpirus by the Greek goverment, but on the further north western corner of Greece, every single people knows the place as Çameria. Anyone from this region stating that he or she is a Çam, makes a political statment saying that he or she is an Albanian. That's why the greek goverment doesn't know officially the region as Çameria.The heartland of Çameria is also called Thesprotia.

Since i am from Çameria, my own opinion is that this region has still an Albanian majority(since many people of other ethnic groups have emigrated away, which has compensated somehow for the displacment of some Albanians during wwi and wwii!) and all the Çams expelled unjustifiably from Greece are very welcomed by all the Albanian people here, there is a UN resolution which asks the Greek govement to repatriate our brothers and sisters back to their homes, where they belog among the rest of us.
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hey did you know about cameria?
Hey I am from Çameria too. Someday I can go and see the place were my grandparents lived. They say that it was beautiful there. RROFT ÇAMERIA DHE SHQIPEIA! POSHTE GREKET!!!!!!
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No I had never heard of Cameria before your post. Thankyou for the information. There are many minority people groups around the world who are in the same situation as you. It is a very sad thing that when a larger governments take over small people groups that they try to squash them rather than celebrate their differances. It has been happening all through human history, there are an infinate number of civilisations that no longer exist. Given enough time even Greece will not exist one day.
... Any Arrangements made heretofore notwithstanding !
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Cameria has always been Albanian(Illyrian) and not Greek.From the Ancient Times there is a lot of sources ironically from Ancient Greek historians Herodotus,Polybius,Skylax,Tucydides,Ptolomy and Roman historians Appian etc..etc that the region so called from Corcyrians Epirius was NOT Greek.Check yourself. Thesproti derived from Albanian word THES > SACK,Mollosi derived from the Albanian word MOLLE > APPLE, Chaoni derived from the Albanian word KA > BULL.

And don't make yourself *** while saying that Scanderbeg is GREEK.

a) Illyrian is not the same as Albanian (otherwise the distinction Geg/Tosk would not exist)

b) Albanian is a newer indo-european language (latin-based) than Greek. Thus the proposition that classical Greek words somehow derive from Albanian (a language that came AFTER Greek) is - excuse my language - absolutely bizarre. Certainly things like "Poskte Greket" (half Turkish and half latin) don't help your cause!

c) The Greek government has no reason for compensating the maltreated Chams, as they were proven collaborators of the Germans, and the Greeks in WWII were anti-fascist and have always been so and will always continue to do so? Whose side were the Albanians on during WWII?

d) The treaty of Lausanne clearly states ..."all muslim populations" ... [should be] "exchanged with Turkey"... Greece showed mercy and allowed the Chams to return to their motherland.

d) 'Chameria' (what is taught in Albanian schoolbooks), or Epirus as it is known to the rest of us, is actually half-occupied by Albania, seeing as southern Epirus is occupied predominantly by Greek populations which have spent the last six centuries as the subjects of anAlbanian national hobby: slapping-around-Greeks. Greeks have been oppressed in N. Epirus of centuries, and the remaining 350000 Greek souls still living in the North of Epirus currently occupied by Albania (given that Greece seceded this territory to Italy and Germany during WWII, which Greece had won), current S. Albania, have NEVER been paid out compensation by ANY Albanian government for the maltreatment they've faced. They deserve to. And so does northern Epirus (as it has been known 6000+ years).

For factual information, please, do refer to the Encyclopaedia , that's what it's there for!!!!
You're trying to be very competent with your analysis but, just trying. Unfortunately, your conclusions are all wrong:

a) Illyrian "maby" is not the same as Albanian but you must add: the modern greek is far from ancient greek language.

b)For the correct conclusion of the Albanian language read the following link
P.S: Don't worry is not an albanian school book

c)You never can accuse a nation of being "collaborators of the Germans". This is absurde(were is your etic??? or the chauvinism have made you blind) ... Albanians during the WW2 fought for their indipendence as much as any other nation.

And for the rest of your "essey" you are just filling your bin with rubish to make you fill better......
Buy the way, why is your president so affraid from cams.

Don't forget the following:

Racism is not always the manifestation of superiority; it is sometimes feeling of inferiority or fear!

[George Papandreu in the “Two-day Meeting On Racism in Greece” on 19 June 1995]

People try to open your eyes.....
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