I need your help.

I am not sure which is correct to say: take a peek or take a peak? I've seen both of them to be used with the meaning take a look.

Would you explain these expressions to me please?

Thank you.
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'Peek' is correct-- it means a quick look. 'Peak' is wrong-- it means a mountain top. This is a commonly confused pair of homophones.
Peek- Glance or quick look

Peak- Mountain
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Just be sure not to combine "peek" and "look" like a weatherman did one winter in the 1960's, when he said he was going to take a (....) outdoors and see if it was freezing or not.
What about pique??? Emotion: thinking
pique is hot souce in Spanish.
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He's a soccer player from Barça Emotion: smile
Take a peek is preferably better because the term 'peak' can be confused with other noun meanings of 'peak'. In the end, it's all about making the reader understand your expression. So, I would suggest you to use 'Take a peek'.
AnonymousTake a peek is preferably better...
You mean 'Take a peek is preferable' or 'Take a peek is better'.

It's not just better; it's the only one that's correct.
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